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Killroy Winter Weed Control Program

November - February is the best time of year to have Killroy apply professional herbicides and keep springtime weeds from taking over!
Killroy's professional winter weed control service prevents most winter weed grasses and annual broadleaf weeds from growing — reducing the need for hand-weeding and mowing.

Weed Control

Winter Weed Control Program (November - February)

Weed Control

Many customers have us apply pre-emergent herbicides annually in winter to prevent a wide spectrum of annual weeds from becoming a fire hazard in the late spring. Gravel areas, fence lines, driveways, propane tanks, and industrial areas where weeds must be controlled are all good areas to treat. Steep slopes should be evaluated for potential erosion issues before being sprayed. Other treatment options exist for chemically mowing these areas in the spring. While not all weeds are controlled, the need for hand weeding and mechanical control can be greatly reduced.

Killroy is here to help with all your weed control needs:

Weed Control
  • Create or Clear Fire Breaks
  • Control Weeds around Fence Lines and on Hillsides and Slopes
  • Clear Pathways and Passages
  • Clear Weeds and Unwanted Foliage in Fields and Landscaped Areas
  • Resolve Weed Issues Anywhere Needed
Please Note: For hillsides and slopes at risk of erosion, we recommend allowing some weed growth during the rainy season. Our experienced technicians can advise you on a treatment plan for your property that will keep springtime weeds at bay, without risking erosion.

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