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Hello, from the Entire Killroy Pest Control Team!!

Killroy 2018 Group Picture

We give each of our technicians the freedom and responsibility to treat their customers as their own.

Killroy has always been a bit out of the box as far as the way technicians and their individual routes are treated.

The majority of other companies in our industry schedule each technician's work for the day. This does not give the technician any flexibility with their customer's needs or schedules. It also limits the personal relationships that are built between our technicians and their customers.

At Killroy, each technician has the opportunity to treat their route as if it were their own small business. We have found that giving our employees this level of trust and respect is a win-win for everyone!

Killroy has 30 employees with a total of 350 years of experience in pest control! We are a small enough company that we can pay special attention to the unique needs of our Bay Area customers, but we are large enough that our technicians can communicate with each other and work together as a problem-solving team that can tackle almost any unique pest control situation.