Belmont Homeowner Pest Control Mistakes That Can Harm Your Pets

Redwood City Termite Inspection ServicesHaving a pet as part of your family brings a lot of joy, but it can also mean having to be more rigorous when it comes to your pest prevention practices. Pet fur can be the perfect place to harbor creepy crawlers, especially if you have an animal that spends time outdoors as well as inside the home. To ensure your beloved pet is kept just as safe as any other member of your household, avoid making these mistakes when it comes to scheduling your pest control services in Belmont.

Not Telling Your Exterminator You Have Pets

Some people forget to clue their exterminator in on the fact that they have pets when they schedule their pest control appointment or simply don't think about the harmful effects that a treatment could have on an animal. Though many pest control methods used today are non-toxic and safer than they have been in the past, you should take the time to speak with a professional about the kind of pets you have in the home so that they are aware and can plan the treatment accordingly and give you advice on any special precautions to take.

Not Properly Preparing For Your Pest Control Treatment

There are many things to do to get ready for your pest control appointment so that the technician can be as efficient as possible and to make certain that you, your family and your pets are protected. Depending on the type of treatment to be applied, this may include removing or covering food items, readjusting furniture, emptying out cabinets, etc. In all your bustling about, making the proper arrangements for your animals may just slip your mind. But this is one of the most important steps to take in your preparations, and whether it means securing your pet in an area of the home that won't be treated, taking them to a friend's house or boarding them up for the day, you want to make sure they are kept far enough away from the technician and their treatment solution.

Not Scheduling Pest Inspections At All

Redwood City Termite Inspection ServicesThinking that just because you haven't seen any evidence of pests in your home means you're in the clear or waiting until there's a major infestation to call a pest control company are errors that homeowners make all too often. Most pests are experts at hiding themselves, and your pet's fur is one of many places to do so. Treating your pet for fleas and ticks and keeping up on their grooming are necessary additions to your overall pest prevention plan, along with scheduling periodic inspections to take place around your property in an effort to avoid having any kind of infestation to begin with.

Not Treating the Right Areas

The key to effective pest control is getting to the root of the problem. So even if you are cautious about spot treating your pets for pests that they pick up around the yard, not having the actual problem areas treated where they like to hang out will only have you continuously scrambling to get rid of the little critters. An entire home and property should be treated for true success in eliminating pests.

Keep your Belmont home and pets healthy and pest-free by implementing a professional pest control program and ensuring you don't make any of these mistakes.

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