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Pest control isn't something we typically think about until we already see those ants in the kitchen, realize termites have been eating our furniture or have to fight with beetles in the garden. The best thing you can do is take preventive measures to protect your home, belongings and yard, but we know that sometimes it just isn't enough. If that's the case, you must decide how to get rid of the nuisance, and whether you take on the problem yourself or call in the professionals, there are different methods you might want to take into consideration.


If your health is of the utmost importance to you and you even remotely care about the earth's well-being, then this is probably the best pest control option for you. These alternatives to the more frequently used chemical substances offer less to worry about when using in your home. Homemade remedies for in-home application include soapy water spray, cucumbers, eucalyptus oil and mint leaves. If your problem is with termites try nematodes or sand barriers. For help keeping your plants free from insect harm, oil sprays, sticky traps and floating row covers are effective options.


Chemical pesticides are commonly the first thing people turn to when they need to control pests in a quick manner. They are cheap, easy to find, fast-acting and seasonally efficient. In the short term, these all sound like major advantages, but over a period of time the chemical method may cause health problems those exposed to it and the environmental damages are numerous. This will also not be a permanent fix since pests are known to build up a resistance to these chemicals over time. Pesticides can be labeled either natural or synthetic, with both containing toxins either from naturally existing species or from a lab.


Biological pest control is another effective organic method when managed correctly under the right circumstances. It involves using other living entities, such as bacteria, parasites and fungi, to naturally target and prey on the pests. This tends to be a long term management process as pests cannot develop a resistance to its predators. No harmful chemicals are used and the cost effectiveness is a big bonus. Unfortunately, biological pest control can take awhile to establish results and has to have careful supervision.

Each of these pest control methods are viable options. It's up to you to decide which is best for accommodating you and your home.

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