Moisture Problems to Look Out for During Your Los Altos Termite Inspection

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The absence of good moisture control in and around a home can lead to several problems, one of the most serious being a termite infestation. The subterranean breed of the wood-eating pests, which are usually the most detrimental to a homeowner’s bank account, need a sufficient supply of water to survive, and a lot of homeowners unintentionally provide it. Fortunately, you can expect your professional termite inspection in Los Altos to not only involve scouring the property for past and present signs of termite activity, but to also include an assessment of whether or not there are any potential conditions that could make a home vulnerable to a future attack. Below are some of the most common moisture problems that lead to termite infestations.

Backed Up Gutters

Allowing gutters to get backed up with water is asking for trouble. They can easily begin to pour into the spaces behind your walls, known as wall voids, creating the perfect damp environment for termite colonies to settle in and providing plenty of wet wood for them to feed on.

Downspouts Pointing the Wrong Way

Downspouts that don’t point away from the foundation of a house or aren’t extended out far enough away will eventually cause water to pool in the adjacent soil. This is a termite’s dream come true since they prefer the cool, dark surroundings of the soil and will travel underground to find these moist spots and then continue right on into your home through any cracks, fissures, holes, etc. in the foundation.

Excessively Wet Yards

Homeowners often make the mistake of over-watering their yards by accidentally leaving their sprinklers or irrigation system running. The effects of this may not only deeply impact your utility bill, but could also make your property very attractive to hungry termites. Any untreated wood materials (tree stumps, mulch, decks, etc.) on the property that become wet because of excessive watering becomes susceptible to termites.

Leaky Plumbing

There are many reasons to fear leaky plumbing as a homeowner, and termites are one of them. Plumbing that is found to be leaking into the foundation of a home where termites can easily find access through the soil must be addressed and repaired immediately.

Though it’s important to stay consist with your yearly Los Altos termite inspections, knowing what to look out for yourself and keeping an eye on the most likely areas of your property to become damp, wet or humid is essential for maintaining moisture control.

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