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Termites are commonly referred to as wood-eating pests, which typically brings to mind an image of them stealthily nibbling on a home until it one day comes crumbling down around the owner. However, what actually attracts termites to a food source is the cellulose that it's made out of. This means that these destructive creatures don't have their sights set solely on the materials that make up a home and will happily consume whatever items they can find that contains cellulose.

This is why it's important to have an annual termite inspection performed in your Newark home from a pest control professional. Termites are constantly eating, night and day, and can inhabit a home for years without ever being noticed. Early detection could be the only thing protecting you from having to do major repairs. It may come as a surprise to learn some of these other items in and around your house can be enticing to termites as well.


Homeowners often mistakenly think that termites need a wall or larger expanse of wood to hollow out and comfortably reside in. Unfortunately, your furniture will do just fine. Since they don't need much water to live, drywood termites have no problem settling into your beloved couch or recliner for the long haul.


Organic fiber carpets may be great for keeping chemicals out of your house, but they could be inviting termites in. If they come up through the foundation of your home and happen upon a non-synthetic carpet, termites will view this as food as well.


Plenty of clothing items are made from plant fibers containing cellulose. Termites don't seem to care much about fashion, so moths aren't the only insects you have to worry about devouring your favorite sweater.


Anything made of paper is a legitimate target, so if termites make it into your walls, your wallpaper certainly isn't safe. A thorough termite inspection should include a close evaluation of all walls to check for the appearance of blistering or peeling wallpaper.

Animal Droppings

Termites never claimed to have any etiquette, thus they have no problem indulging in animal excrement that contains undigested cellulose matter. This is often a last resort food source, but a source nonetheless.


Learning that termites have been munching on your house is bad enough without finding that they've actually gone straight for the wallet too. People sneakily stash cash around the house all the time, but you might want to think about investing in a safe or opening an account at one of those banks you see around town instead.

Termites may prefer actual lumber but won't discriminate against anything else they come across with a cellulose base. While you won't be able to do anything about the soil around your house, you can limit other food sources that are known to draw in these pesky insects, and your Newark termite inspection company can advise you on different types of prevention strategies.

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