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Is your largest asset disappearing in secret? A disaster could be hiding inside the walls of your home. Termites silently eat away at baseboards, walls, and supports destroying your home's structural integrity. If you've noticed flying insect swarms in the heat that often follows a summer shower or a coating of dust that looks like salt and pepper, you could have termites. Another scary sign is channels chewed into wood and covered with pulped detritus. You need to act quickly before the repair bills begin to add up or you lose your home.

At Killroy Pest Control, we're termite experts. With just a call you can have a team of licensed termite pest management inspectors on-site to establish whether you have a problem and just how far it may have gone. With our complete inspection, we'll also check for moisture issues, water leaks and fungal growth as well as look for termites. If you're just concerned about a small area, you can also call us and receive a no-charge limited inspection. If we do find termites, you can count on us as one of the most trusted names in the business, to recommend and execute the best treatment.

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Ask us about Sensitive Solutions — a special division of Killroy Pest Control which offers non-chemical, natural, or green pest control options.

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Get a termite inspection now and protect your largest investment!

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Termite Customer Discount

Existing Killroy customers can receive a $25 discount on a complete termite inspection! (For a home up to 2,000 sqft.) Please mention the discount when requesting the termite inspection.

  1. Inspection: 
    Killroy Pest Control will come out and perform a complete inspection of your home or business. The licensed termite inspectors have more than 350 years of experience behind them total. We will look for more than just termites. We will also look for moisture problems, plumbing leaks, fungus issues or dry rot. To have the inspection completed, there is a fee. If you only want us to look at one area in general, we are happy to do this limited inspection for free.
  2. Reports: 
    For those who are interested in selling their homes, we can come out and provide all of the reports needed to help simplify the selling process.
  3. Treatment:
    When you consider all of the different treatment options available for eliminating termites from your home, you will be able to rid your home of the termites in no time. Depending on the termites found, one of our specialists will discuss the best means for solving the problem.
  4. Fumigation:
    To eliminate all of the pests from the home completely, you may need to have the whole property tented. Tenting the home is effective, safe and reliable to help protect your home from the pesky critters who are trying to take over your property.
  5. termite service guaranteed results
    The Killroy Guarantee: Depending on the type of treatment you elect to use, our guarantees run from 1 to 5 years.

Termite Control:   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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