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Killroy Gopher, Mole & Vole Control - Menlo Park and Atherton

Gophers, Moles & Voles | Menlo Park and Atherton | Killroy

Gophers and moles tend to remain hidden. However, the marks they leave behind are quite dangerous. They tend up destroying your landscaping, vegetation and more all with nothing more than a trail underground. Once you know you have a pest problem, you need to work on eliminating it for good. Call upon the pros to make it happen as quickly as you can.

When you see holes in your yard, what do you do? Do you try to sidestep them in an attempt to prevent being injured? Did you miss a hole and end up falling into one of the weak spots in your yard? If so, you know how badly you can be injured from these nasty pests. Prevent any broken bones by simply calling in someone who can get the issue resolved in a timely manner.

When you have over six decades of experience, you better know what you're doing. Killroy, the pest control company, has a team of experts that know how to rid of gophers, moles and other rodents that are annoying you and your family and causing damage to your property. You don't want to waste time looking through the phone book for pest control companies claiming to rid of your pest once and for all. Here is a company that can do it all. Call them today for your consultation.

Pest control companies today lack lots of expertise, and are only trying to spray the harshest of chemicals hoping that you don't have a repeated problem that they cannot seem to fix. They want you to be a returning customer, however, they do want to make you think they know what they're doing. Most only come out and spray a time or two. This is unlikely going to help you. The pest control people at Killroy can get the job done and get the moles, gophers and other rodents of their kind out of your home for good.

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