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Gophers, Moles & Voles | Merced | Killroy

How many times have you actually seen a gopher or mole running around your yard? For the most part, you never see this critters at all. However, they don’t try to hide the fact that they were there and making their way throughout your property. Don’t let them destroy your property. Call upon Killroy to begin getting rid of them right away.

Imagine what might happen if you or someone you love were to fall in one of the holes left behind by gophers and moles. It won’t take long before you have twisted your ankle and heading to the hospital to make sure it isn’t broken. Those holes can be a danger far more than what you might realize. Those weak spots leave anyone walking with a hazard that could land them in the hospital. You are far better off taking care of the pest than breaking a bone.

The summer is fast-approaching and feels like it's already here. You don't need extra guests at your parties this summer on your deck. If you are having a gopher or mole problem, or any pest control issue, this family has had decades of experience getting rid of pest issues. By calling Killroy, you can get a consultation to determine what your needs are. This family run business can get on top of what you have been struggling with for some time. Preserve and protect your home and children from these rodents with the help of Killroy.

It is pretty bad when you have a name for the gopher or mole, or their entire family, that inhabits your land. It's even worse if they have made their way into your basement, or chewed through wall. You don't need to deal with this anymore. You need to call the pest control people, Killroy, to help rid you of your pest related issues today. There is no reason for you to deal with these problems. They can add up and cause lots of damage and empty your wallet. Say goodbye to that gopher or mole family, and get your house back in order, humans only.

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