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Gophers, Moles & Voles | Millbrae | Killroy

As much as you might want to assume everything is fine around your home, that isn’t always the case. You never know what lurks on the outside. Moles, voles and gophers can all cause a whole host of issues to your property. Don’t ignore the problem. Do something about it quickly to prevent an infestation from taking over your space.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time landscaping their yard, the last thing you want is for a gopher or mole to swoop in and tear it all up. One gopher can create dozens of holes and destroy your yard in no time at all. They dig at an unbelievable rate. The best thing to do is work to get rid of the pest and restore your landscaping back to the way it should be.

Were you helping do some landscaping around a friend's home when you found a gopher running through the yard? If so, let your friends know that a pest control company with six decades of experience and expertise called Killroy is here to get rid of these problems once and for all. Let them know their hard work of landscaping and home maintenance, as well as their children's health and safety is at stake. You don't need to ask around or look through phone books to find the right pest care company. Control the pests today by calling for a consultation.

Killroy is an expert team of pest control people who will make sure your rodents are gone for good. They are working on your side to get the problem under control. They have extensive knowledge and experience to make sure that your home is safe, secure and pest-free. Their specialized approach and proper care and precautions are way beyond the normal pest care company. Make sure you call them today, especially if you have a mole that won't go away.

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