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Gophers, Moles & Voles | San Ramon | Killroy

Are you stuck trying to dodge a bunch of holes in your yard? Do you feel like you are walking through a minefield just trying to walk around outside and enjoy the fresh air with your family? All of those holes are a sure sign that you have gophers, voles or moles lurking underground. Even though you might not see them, they are working their way through your yard and causing destruction in their wake.

The first thing you need to do when you see a bunch of holes in your lawn is to call upon a pest control expert. Those holes mean you have voles, gophers or moles making their way underground around your property. Even though you might not see them, that doesn’t mean they aren’t chewing on all of the wires running underground. They will chew through anything in their way, including your utility lines. Don’t wait; do something about it quickly to prevent further problems down the road.

Killroy deals with pest problems for just about everyone: schools, homes and businesses. It doesn’t matter! They are here to help you wherever you need them to be. Gophers, moles and other rodents of the like kind need to be gotten rid of once and for all. You do not need to deal with these issues five or 10 years from now. Their expertise and solid approach will help you on your journey to a pest-free environment, no matter where you are.

It looks like spring time is just about over and summer is fully here. If you need to take care of pest related problems like moles or gophers, or any kind of pests, you need to call Killroy. They stand by their experience and expertise. They want to make sure your problems go away for good. These rodents are annoying and cause other damage and problems to the foundation of your house, as well as issues inside your house if they are able to find their way through. You need to get these problems under control and have a company you can rely on. Call Killroy today!

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