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Killroy Ground Squirrel Control
Palo Alto


The ground squirrels in the Bay Area areas such as Palo Alto can cause big problems for property owners. Their extensive tunneling can cause havoc to retaining walls, foundations, and other hardscapes. The large tunnel openings can cause serious tripping problems for athletes, livestock, and horses. Their ugly holes tend to degrade the looks of lawns and costly landscaping.

Large Infestations

Killroy Pest Control has the answer to your challenge with ground squirrels. The exclusive Tunnel Topper system uses a slurry of sand and water to fill in the burrows. This not only repairs the damage, but exterminates the cause at the same time. This process can be implemented any season of the year and uses no traps or poisons. It's the perfect answer for problems at parks, golf courses, school grounds, and equestrian centers. The results are dramatic. The problem is gone and the damage has been fixed too. There will be a regained sense of safety for the athletes, children, and animals that use the property.

Residential Problems

Your Killroy specialist will evaluate your situation and determine the best method for solving your problem. Considering the amount of damage done, the environment, and concern for household pets, are all taken into account. Both your Killroy technician and office staff are there for you throughout the process to answer questions and help. Call 888-545-5769 today for answers to questions or to schedule an appointment. Solve your ground squirrel problem at your Palo Alto property.

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We can solve your Palo Alto Ground Squirrel problems!

control of ground squirrels with tunnel topper

A "green" solution to ground squirrel problems:

Tunnel Topper® Process

Killroy Pest Control may use a Tunnel Topper® process which offers a chemical-free and trap-free answer to your ground squirrel problems. By filling ground squirrel holes and burrows with a water and sand solution, we are able to eliminate ground squirrel paths to your property and at the same time repair the damage that was done.