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Killroy Ground Squirrel Control - Pittsburg and Brisbane


While squirrels tend to make their homes outside of your home, there is always the chance that they can make their way inside and start taking over your space. The tiniest of holes will allow them access to your space. Before you know it, they are bringing nuts and their friends with them. They tear up your space and scamper about without a care in the world, all the while you are sitting there trying to get the pests to leave. Don’t stress any longer; turn to Killroy for proven methods that work.

Have you noticed a bunch of holes on the outside of your home near the gutters? Do you hear the pitter patter of feet running around inside of your home? If so, you probably have a squirrel problem. These pests will destroy anything and everything in sight. The damage they can cause is unbelievable. Don’t allow these pests to destroy the outside of your home. Do something about it with the help of Killroy Pest Control.

Sometimes, it takes the opinions of an expert in order to produce better results, as your personal experience can only take you so far. Dedication to your project is needed in order for it to see success. A combination of attention to detail and innovative technology help to make Killroy Pest Control an effective choice for those wanting to eradicate squirrels. Long-lasting results make it easy to put your trust in them.

Get the best pest control services by inviting the right experts into your home. To get the job done right, you need a company with experience. Killroy Pest Control has over 60 years of experience that they use to effectively complete every job. This family-owned pest control company works hard to provide fast, accurate service that you can count on. Call today to speak to a representative about your pest care needs.

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We can solve your Pittsburg and Brisbane Ground Squirrel problems!

control of ground squirrels with tunnel topper

A "green" solution to ground squirrel problems:

Tunnel Topper® Process

Killroy Pest Control may use a Tunnel Topper® process which offers a chemical-free and trap-free answer to your ground squirrel problems. By filling ground squirrel holes and burrows with a water and sand solution, we are able to eliminate ground squirrel paths to your property and at the same time repair the damage that was done.