Ant Pest Control: How Ants Survive the San Ramon Rainy Season

Ants don’t particularly like getting wet. So they have all kinds of resourceful strategies for avoiding it and staying alive when it rains. During the rainy season, the ant pest control guys in San Ramon get more calls than normal. Here’s why:

Ants Can Predict Rain

People who have studied ants have noticed that ants store more food, build up higher walls around the ant nest, and close the nest opening before the rainy season arrives. It’s like they know it’s coming. Specialists say this isn’t necessarily that they can “smell the rain”--it’s more because they’ve learned the natural signs that a rainy season is coming--for instance, shorter days and cooling temperatures. They may build up the nest--or they may just move into your house.

Ants Hibernate If It’s Cold Enough

Ants’ body temperatures drop with the weather temperature, which means they get more sluggish as it gets cold. In colder climates, ants eat more in preparation for the winter, then burrow into the ground and pile together to conserve body heat and energy. Not much activity takes place in an ant colony during a cold winter. However, if the ants live in a more temperate climate, such as San Ramon, they may not go into hibernation. They may come knocking on your door instead.

Ants Build a Fortress and Tunnel System

Ant Pest Control in San Ramon, CAThe fortress that the ants build up on top of the nest--the anthill--is usually made of sand or dirt that acts like a water repellent. It absorbs water, dries quickly, and causes the water to bead and run off. Underneath the ground, ants will burrow tunnels that act like an intricate network of storm drains. If rain does come into their tunnel system, it will pass through without pooling. Heavy rains, however, can wash out ant nests. While ants can ride out the rain, they will start looking for a better place to call home as soon as the rain subsides. That new place could be your home.

Ants Can Walk on Water

If ants are unlucky enough to get caught in a wash of heavy rain, they may still be able to survive. They’re too light to break the surface of the water. As a result, they can actually walk on water. Fire ants, being the community organization that they are, go even further and create a raft by clinging together when they encounter a flood of rain. As a result, it’s difficult to drown them. (That’s why effective ant pest control involves other methods besides death by drowning.) Ants can survive the deluge and, worse, they could decide to set up camp in your house.

Ants Move Inside

When the weather gets cooler and the rains start to come, ants start moving inside. A Stanford study found that household ant infestations in the San Francisco Bay Area were worse during the rainy season than they were in the dry season. Ants are motivated by weather and food. They’re always looking for a dry place to call home. When their natural habitat is under water or completely destroyed, your house looks like the promised land to them.

If your home has become a haven for ants fleeing a watery home, it’s time to call for some San Ramon ant pest control. Otherwise, you and your little insect guests may end up riding out the rainy season together.

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