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Natural, "Green" Pest Control Services - Millbrae and Hillsborough

Sensitive Solutions by Killroy - The Bay Area's Original Natural Pest Control Company


Sensitive Solutions is the original green pest control company in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Health Concerns

We can solve your pest problems with alternative pest control solutions that take into account your health concerns such as immune deficiency, pregnancy, or young children.


If you have an organic garden, koi pond, or other situation where using pesticides is not an acceptable option for eliminating pests, Sensitive Solutions can find alternative options to solve your pest problems.

Chemical Sensitivities

If you or a family member has chemical sensitivities, our team has the training and experience to work within your specific limitation.

Killroy's Sensitive Solutions™

A special division of Killroy Pest Control which offers creative, green, natural pest control options
green natural pest control experts

We Are Millbrae and Hillsborough's Best "Green" Pest Control Service Providing Natural and Organic Solutions

Sensitive Solutions is Killroy's special division which looks for alternative options for controlling pests.

We serve people who need or want to move beyond traditional pest control techniques and practices.

The Bay Area's Original Organic and Natural Pest Control Service

We are dedicated and we are passionate about finding solutions to your pest problems in a way that will meet your needs and wants.

We have been providing natural/organic pest control options in the Greater Bay Area since 1993.

We have the training and experience to find alternative solutions to achieve your specific goals.

Looking Out for Your Needs

Our service is based on understanding what you want to accomplish and how.

Whether you have concerns about the health of your family and pets, chemical sensitivities, keeping your garden organic, or protecting the environment - our team of experts can help.

The Experts

Killroy's Sensitive Solutions division is larger than many entire pest control companies.

With our 23 years of experience, we are well-prepared to help you find the natural and organic solution you need.

Our company is EcoWise Certified.

Creative Solutions that Work

We are skilled at finding the best creative approach to most effectively solve your pest problem for your Millbrae and Hillsborough home or office.

Our solutions have ranged from using a sand and water slurry with our Tunnel Topper process to control ground squirrels and repair their damage, to goats to solve weed problems, to discouraging insects with botanical oils, and to using beneficial insects and Nematodes to keep unwanted bugs from Bay Area homes and yards.

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We provide commercial and residential pest control services in the South San Francisco Bay, Tri-Valley areas, and Santa Cruz County.

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