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Fall 2013

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Fall is Here…
and So Are Some Uninvited Guests!

wildlife pest raccoon

Urban wildlife problems are growing every year throughout the bay area. In addition to rats and mice, we are getting an increasing number of calls to control or remove skunks, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, pigeons, geese, and other wildlife. These animals can be found trying to co-habitate with us year round, but can become an increasing problem as the weather turns cold. These animals can be destructive around homes and businesses, as well as having the ability to introduce fleas and disease into yards and structures.

A common problem occurs when raccoons damage lawn and garden areas in search of grubs. All of these critters lend themselves to an IPM, or Integrated Pest Management approach, which requires active measures to inspect, identify, exclude, repel, and discourage their invasion of sub-areas, attics, and landscapes.

The use of beneficial nematodes can be very effective in the control of lawn grubs. This will reduce the attraction element of your lawn. In addition, humane trapping of the animals is another alternative service Killroy offers.

Many of these procedures require special licenses required by the California Department of Fish and Game. Recently, Killroy had seven (7) additional technicians fulfill the requirements and pass the exam for this license, bringing our total to 13 licensees. This is in addition to the Applicator’s, Branch’s 1,2 and 3, as well as Ag licenses held throughout the company.

Killroy is proud that all of our technicians are fully licensed.

If you would like to take a proactive approach, or if you are experiencing any encounters with these nighttime visitors, just give Killroy a call, or fill out a service request on our website at: www.killroy.com


Beneficial Nematode Lawn Service

Beneficial nematodes are a great addition to your lawn’s health. They hunt and feed on larvae such as fleas, grubs, caterpillars, cut worms, and weevils; these bite people and pets. They are also root-eating, stem-boring, flower devouring insects.

Fall and Spring are the ideal times of year to have your Killroy Pest Management Professional apply these natural predators to help control the non-beneficial pests that eat the root system of your lawn. A regular bi-annual application of these microscopic “heroes”, reap rewards in your lawn’s overall health and beauty.

They also hunt the larvae of fleas to help control the introduction of these bothersome pests after feral animals and pets deposit them in your yard, thereby reducing insecticide use.

At the time of this newsletter printing, we are having a special on this service! So, give us a call at 888-545-5769. This is the time to make your bi-annual beneficial nematode application - before those grubs go too deep in your beautiful lawn! $200 for an average sized lawn.

Killroy Korner

Lynn Olavarri, President

Lynn Olavarri, President, Killroy Pest Control

As I was sitting at a traffic light on my way to work this morning, I began to pay attention to the trucks passing in front of me. A plumber, an IT guy, a construction contractor… many small businesses on their way to work. I felt proud to be part of their community - small businesses - one of the important building blocks needed to make our cities, the economy, and our country work.

With two small children and a baby on the way, my parents, Phil and Norma Olavarri, founded Killroy Pest Control in 1956. They were hard-working, honest, and determined…and were able to realize the American dream of owning their own business. I am so fortunate, along with my husband Richard, to be able to continue their legacy. I tell people that Killroy is a small family business that successfully competes with the big corporations, because we are exactly that… a small business.

Here are reasons why our small pest control company can compete with the big guys:

If you are a customer who wants a pest control service that offers the ability to solve your problem in a friendly manner that enlists your input and needs, rather than using the “same recipe” for each house, then we are your company. Our technicians are their own “Route Managers”. They are all licensed and participate in regular continuing education to keep up-to-date on the newest pest solutions, as well as regulations. They have the responsibility to serve their customers in the best manner possible, supported by a wide variety of possible strategies and materials. (And, sometimes the solution chosen is not the most profitable for our company, but it may be the one that makes our customer most comfortable.)

If you are a customer who would like to see the same technician each time you call, or each time your service is due, then we are your company. We only want you to have to tell someone once about your vegetable garden or the gate code. We want you, if possible, to know and trust the technician that is keeping your home pest-free.

If you are a customer who would like just a “one-time” treatment and not be pressured into a “year-round service”, then we are your company. Killroy does believe that a regular (for example; every-other-month) service is the best answer to keeping a property pest-free, but we will not tell you that you must sign-up for a “year-round” service. We know that you will like our service, and if you desire additional treatments, then you will know who to call, and we don’t have to make you!

If you are a customer who would like to be able to reach the company owners by phone, or email, then we are your company. My husband and/or I are at the office most every day, all day. We love to hear your compliments, but we are also open to suggestions.

If you are a customer who wants to know that your technician and the staff that takes your call are respected and appreciated, then we are your company. My parents knew, and taught me, that our staff IS Killroy Pest Control. My husband and I are only the guardians of something much bigger than ourselves, a team… a small business. And, we know that only when its members are respected and cared about, will Killroy grow and thrive.

One of the other gems that my parents passed on to me, is “your best method of growth is the referral”. This is related to the above. “If the staff is happy, then the customer will be happy, and will refer their friends.” We know that your referrals are our number one source of new customers… and that’s what we strive to continue. We are growing steadily with your help, and that’s the way we like it.
Thank you!

With sincere gratitude,
Lynn Olavarri,
Killroy Pest Control

Lawns Need Killroy, Too!


Killroy offers several special services throughout the year. We can arrange a "weed and feed" treatment of your lawn areas. This will not only energize your turf with a high nitrogen fertilizer, but we will also selectively take care of those broadleaf invaders. The combination of these applications will give your lawn new life and a wonderful place to share summer fun!

If you are interested in any of our specialty services, please contact us at 888-545-5769 or visit our website at www.Killroy.com.

What Happens When I Refer Someone to Killroy?

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Due to the tremendous response to our referral program outlined in our last edition of the Killroy Kourier, we want to continue to share it in this edition as well! If you refer a friend, family member, or even a stranger for Killroy services - and they become a new customer - we will show our appreciation in the form of a $25.00 gift card. It is our way of saying "Thank You" for showing your trust and faith in Killroy. Please be sure to tell your referral to let Killroy know where they heard about us, and the two of you can share a cup of coffee, on us!