Killroy Kourier
Fall/Winter 2014-15

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Pest Control in Fall & Winter??

Spring and summer are typically the time of year when people think of the need for pest control. Fleas (which seem to be making a comeback) are usually most active when the weather is warm. Ants are abundant and often seek refuge from the heat by coming indoors, and we spend so much more time outdoors when the days are longer and comfortable. So why would I need to continue my pest control program in the cooler, colder and hopefully wetter time of year? Are there any bugs active this time of year? There seems to be little going on in my yard, except some weeds from the rain, so what is the need for pest control?

These are common questions frequently asked by customers this time of year, and the truth is, this is one of the most crucial times of the year in the area of prevention.

With the thermometer dropping and rain falling, you may find some uninvited guests "moving in". Spiders, ants, and rodents are looking for shelter, and your home or business looks pretty inviting.

Services in the fall and winter are necessary to prevent these types of problems. Your custom pest control strategy is a year-round program. Even when it is raining, your pest management professional can treat around your eaves, windows, and doors to help keep spiders, ants, and oriental roaches out. Rodents are looking for a nice cozy home in or under your home.

After you have finished pruning your fruit trees and roses, over-wintering insect eggs, scale, mealy bugs, white flies, and mites (not to mention the numerous fungi such as peach leaf curl, shot hole fungus, and brown rot) are all in need of a complete dormant application. Don't be surprised if you come home one day to a blue peach or apricot tree - it only means that Killroy has treated your tree with a dormant, copper and oil treatment to help control some of these problems. ìAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cureî, as the adage goes, and that has never been more true when it comes to the protection of your home and garden. The steps you and Killroy take in the fall and winter will help ensure a healthier, and more beautiful home and garden.

If you have any questions regarding your home or garden, just give Killroy a call, or fill out our service request form.

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In Addition To General Pest Control
Killroy offers:

  • Termite Services
  • Tree Straying/Injection
  • Beneficial Insect Releases
  • Tunnel Topper (ask us!)
  • Rodent Control
  • Dormant Spraying
  • Gopher & Mole Control
  • Fertilization & Root Feeding
  • Wild Animal Trapping
  • Weed Control
  • And more!


Now More Than Ever…

Trees need Killroy, too!!

Killroy Pest Control tree service

The current, historic drought we are facing places severe stress on many tree species, including native conifers in California. A common occurrence can be an infestation of bark beetles taking advantage of the trees' weakened condition, and in many cases causing significant tree mortality.

Killroy's tree and weed specialist, Ken Macedo, is trained and experienced in the use of the Arborjet tree injection system. Direct injection into the tree has many benefits. It injects materials directly into the tree where it is taken up quickly by the tree's vascular system and dispersed throughout the tree. This method uses the least amount of material compared to other conventional treatment methods, and it works much faster. It can be performed even in the rain, with no storm drain runoff. This provides less environmental exposure as well.

Now is the time to treat your trees for the best results. Please give Ken a call at 888-545-5769. Ask him about our other tree and weed programs, too.

Beneficial Nematodes

An application of beneficial nematodes can help control your grub and flea problems.

$100.00 - $200.00 for an average residential lawn.
Call to schedule your application today.

Killroy Korner

Great Customer Service

Killroy Pest Control customer service

There is a buzz in the air around Killroy these days. Let’s keep the summer “vibe” going just a little longer. Killroy is always striving to improve and raise our level of customer service and satisfaction. We have instilled an incentive program where your personal Killroy pest management professional has been earning points towards a company get-away with our families to Pismo Beach on October 4th. This has been accomplished by delivering great customer service, receiving positive customer feedback whether by written letter or email. Points were also generated by customer referrals, and making their routes grow via new customers.

Killroy has always been a bit out of the box as far as the way tech- nicians and their individual routes are treated. The majority of other companies in our industry schedule each technician’s work for the day. This does not give the technician any flexibility with their cus- tomers needs or schedules. It also limits the personal relationships that are built between our technicians and their customers. At Killroy, we give our tech’s the freedom and responsibility to treat their customers as their own. The technician has the opportunity of treating their route as if it were their own business. We have found that treating our employees with this level of trust and respect is a win, win for everyone.

We will be thinking of you, our valued customers, as we stretch our summer out a little longer at the beach. Thank you for being such wonderful clients.

It is a privilege and pleasure to serve you,
The Killroy Family

What Happens When I Refer Someone to Killroy?

Due to the tremendous response to our referral program outlined in our last edition of the Killroy Kourier, we want to continue to share it in this edition as well! If you refer a friend, family member, or even a stranger for Killroy services - and they become a new customer - we will show our appreciation in the form of a $25.00 gift card. It is our way of saying "Thank You" for showing your trust and faith in Killroy. Please be sure to tell your referral to let Killroy know where they heard about us, and the two of you can share a cup of coffee, compliments of Killroy!