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Tom Votta - Pest Control Specialist
Technician in the Spotlight

Tom Votta

36 years ago, Tom Votta began his career with Killroy. It was during the medfly invasion, and Killroy had just been awarded the "ground attack" on this new pariah. Tom quickly took to the job with a dedicated work ethic and willingness to learn new things.

Five years ago, Tom became the branch manager of Killroy's Tracy Branch. Tom heads a team of three additional pest management professionals, and over-sees the daily operations of the branch.

Tom has established long-time relationships with many of his customers. They appreciate his knowledge of not only pests around their homes, but also his knowledge of their ornamental plants and landscape.

Tom spends his spare time with his wife, Yolanda. He is also an avid fisherman and golfer. Most weekends you can find him on the course.

Killroy offers all these services:

  • Termite Services
  • Tree Straying/Injection
  • Beneficial Insect Releases
  • Tunnel Topper (ask us!)
  • Rodent Control
  • Ground Squirrel Control
  • Dormant Spraying
  • Gopher & Mole Control
  • Fertilization & Root Feeding
  • Wild Animal Trapping
  • Weed Control
  • And more!


Fun Pest Facts

  • Some male spiders pluck their webs like a guitar, to attract female spiders. (See our Facebook post of 7/12/17)
  • The common earthworm has five pairs of hearts.
  • A mayfly only lives 8 hours.
  • Cockroaches can survive underwater for up to 15 minutes.
  • Moths can smell each other from miles away.
  • If grasshoppers were the size of people, they could leap the length of a basketball court.
  • A caterpillar has more muscles than a human!
  • Some honey bee queens quack!
  • Crickets detect sound through their knees.
  • We already eat insects. There are small parts in many foods. You eat 450-900 grams of insects per year.
  • Meal worms taste like roasted nuts. Locusts taste like shrimp.
  • In ancient Greece, cicadas were a luxury snack.

Killroy Kourier

Community Newsletter - Summer / Fall 2017

"Thank you for calling Killroy, a Diamond Certified Company, this is ____, how can I help you?"

customer service team at Killroy

When you call Killroy, do you ever wonder what that person you are talking to looks like?

We thought we would introduce you to the people on the other end of the line.
From left to right we have Crystal, our Social Media Project Manager and Customer Service Representative. She (along with Steve Petersen), is responsible for all of Killroy's posts on our Facebook Page.
Next we have Laura who is our "green specialist". She is a certified entomologist and is always researching new environmentally sound practices of performing pest control.
Sitting next to Laura is Kendra. She is our Business Marketing Project Manager and Customer Service Representative as well as juggling her role as a new mother. Kendra is very detail-oriented and a tremendous multitasker!
Behind Kendra is Lynn Olavarri, our President and second generation leader. She is the heart, mind, and soul of Killroy. She often picks up the phone and leads by example.
Beside Lynn is Clarissa. She is the office manager and has been a loyal "family" member for more than 26 years! She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Seated next to Clarissa is Nadara. She works part time for Killroy and full time as an elementary teacher. She is also a new mom! A busy schedule for sure.
Behind her is Jan. She is in charge of accounts payable and has had her toes in the business since she was a young girl. Jan and Lynn are sisters.
Alongside Nadara is Lillian. Lillian is the Administrative Specialist for our termite department, as well as handling general pest control phone inquiries.
Lastly, but certainly not least, is Marisol. Besides attending school to become a teacher, Mari helps Killroy with termite reports and fills in when we get extremely busy - which is always the case in the summertime!
Robert Taylor All of our professional staff appreciate you, our valued customers, for placing your pest control needs and trust in Killroy. The next time you call in, you will now have a face to go along with the voice. Be sure to say "Hi."

When the above picture was taken, this handsome man in the photo on the side was not available. Please meet Robert Taylor. Rob is our Customer Advocate. He is here to assist our customers whenever the need arises. If you have a concern or a compliment regarding a service or a technician, Rob is here to listen. Rob's position is backed by years in customer service, as well as the fact Rob used to be a Killroy pest management professional. He is also the son of Killroy's longest tenured employee, Don Taylor, celebrating his 45th year at Killroy.

45 Years at Killroy! Meet Don Taylor

You would have to search far and wide today to find anyone that has dedicated their entire working career to one company. It is a behavior that is no longer the norm. Well, Killroy is really not the norm. And so it is with great pride that we honor Don Taylor and our celebration of his 45th year at Killroy Pest Control!

Don Taylor

Don is one of those rare breed of men that looks at his position as more than a job. It is part of who Don is. He has always taken pride in everything he does. As a highly organized person, Don has helped endless technicians in organizing their routes, their trucks and their care for their customers.

Over the years, Don's customers have been more than just another house to spray. They have turned into loyal clients and friends. Join us in wishing Don another 45 years at Killroy! (just kidding, Don)

San Diego Team Building

Labor Day Holiday
Team Building San Diego

As a result of an incentive program and team building exercise, Killroy is heading to San Diego for the Labor Day Holiday! Everyone at Killroy has been working hard to build and service their routes while earning positive Yelp reviews. This is the 7th time the Killroy "family" is headed out of town together.

"It is a real chance to enjoy each other outside of the workplace." says Killroy President, Lynn Olavarri. "I think this is one of the benefits of a family owned business. The people we work with at Killroy are not just employees. We care about each of our staff and their families, and enjoy spending time together whether it be at our annual picnics, holiday gatherings, or these special getaways".

When you see your pest management professional or talk to our administrative professionals in September or October, ask them about their San Diego experiences.

These shared times could not be possible without the loyal patronage of you, our valued customers. A Big Thank You to You!

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