Killroy Kourier
spring 2013

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Look Out!
There are Ants in Your Pantry

Have you noticed any uninvited guests in the pantry, or on the counter, or in the pet food? It seems that the presence of ants is an early springtime activity. You may have also spotted some ant activity outside in the yard, along the walkways, fence lines, or the foundation. Ant colonies have been ‘hunkering down’ over the winter, or they have found refuge inside or under structures and hardscapes.


When the weather begins to get warmer ants become much more active in their foraging behavior. The colony is busy working on their primary goal which is making the colony grow as much as possible.


Out in your yard you might notice some of your plants, especially citrus, have a black substance on their leaves. This is sooty mold and it is indirectly related to the ants in your yard. Ants have a symbiotic relationship with many “sucking” insects. These include aphids, white flies, spider mites and scale to name a few of the more common ones. A bi-product of this sucking action is the excretion of their waste or “honey dew”. The ants love this material which is rich in carbohydrates. This is a great energy source for the colony. Ants will actually protect these other pests from their natural predators. In some cases they have been know to take egg laying female aphids into their colony during the winter, sheltering and feeding them. Then in the springtime, ants place them back on the plant so they can begin the “honey dew” factory anew. The leaf surfaces become sticky, and mold spores traveling in the air attach themselves and thrive in this moisture rich environment. Some plants have been undergoing this siege for a number of years, and the plant’s health is seriously weakened.


Controlling the ant population is the first step in addressing this cycle. The next step is an application of supreme or dormant oil in the late winter/early spring by your Killroy, or Sensitive Solutions™ Pest Management Professional. This is a service that sets Killroy Pest Control apart from many other pest control companies.


Many companies have a structural license, which only allows them to treat structures. It does not allow them to address your yard and plants. That requires an agricultural license. This is a license Killroy holds in addition to their structural license. We can service your structure as well as your yard and landscaping.


The ant we deal with the most in our area is the Argentine ant. They originally entered the United States via coffee ships from Brazil. They are about 3mm long and are very aggressive. Although they do not sting, they can bite. However their mandibles are too small to hurt humans. They have no known predators in the U.S. because they are too bitter. None of the common predators such as spiders and reptiles will eat them. Additionally, while our native ants have one or two queens per colony, Argentine ants have up to 10% of the colony as egg producing queens. This enables the colonies to grow to enormous numbers. Your personal Killroy or Sensitive Solutions™ Pest Management Professional will help you control your ant and other pest problems using the latest technologies and environmentally sound materials.

Termite Talk

With Mike Ledesma

Killroy Termite Specialist Mike Ledesma

This is the time of year with periods of hard rain coming down, that there could be potential problems under your home. Standing water, fungus damage and subterranean termites could be lurking. After the sub area dries you should schedule our inspection. We can possibly give you tips on diverting the water with the use sump pumps, French drains or other hydro methods.


We are nearing the end of swarming season for subterranean termites but “out of sight, out of mind” doesn't necessarily apply here. There can still be some activity in or under your home. Let us perform a cost effective inspection of your home or commercial property and put your mind at ease.


Killroy uses the most effective materials available. There are outstanding products and application techniques with a track record of proven success. Treatments that require very low rates, and virtually no odor, which means you and your family won’t notice a thing….. except your termites are gone…. GUARANTEED!

Trees Need Killroy, Too!

tree spraying

Killroy offers several special services throughout the year. With the beginning of spring your olive trees can be given an appli- cation to minimize the production of unwanted fruit. This is also the time to treat your oak trees to help alleviate the damage of the California Oak Tree Caterpillar and several other worms which can be a nuisance and cause cosmetic damage to your trees.

If your are interested in any of our tree and/or other specialty services, please contact us at 888-545-5769 or visit our website at www.Killroy.com.

What if it Rains After the Technician Comes?

This is a question commonly asked by customers over the years. The majority of materials we use are designed to be mixed/diluted in water. After the new regulations in respect to application sites around your home your technician is placing the materials in areas not in direct contact with the rain. He will be avoiding hardscapes and driveways to avoid runoff, placing them next to the structure, while protecting your home from the pests trying to enter it. In any case, you are always protected by the Killroy Guarantee (60 days in most cases). Should there be an “invasion”, you can contact us and we will be happy to return.