Killroy Kourier
Winter/Spring 2014

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"Oh, How I Wish
That It Would Rain !"

water shortage drought

Those lyrics from the great Temptation’s song resonate with all Californians lately. This is the time of year when we normally receive our rainfall that replenishes the state's water supply. The warm temperatures and spring-like conditions might appear as a delightful change, especially when you compare it to the weather the Mid-West and the East Coast are experiencing, but there is a “cloud to this silver lining”.

The rain is key to the health and vitality of our state and our economy, as well as a buffer to wildfires. The unseasonable temperatures also tend to confuse many of our ornamental plants. If you have looked around your yard, your neighbor's yard, and the parks and public places, you have probably noticed a number of plants already producing blossoms and flowers.  Fruit trees are already showing some bud break, and ornamentals such as camellias are already in bloom.  Many ornamentals, and especially fruit trees in particular, need the low chilling temperatures in order to go 'dormant'.  Without this rest period, the trees are unable to produce the necessary energy to put into fruit production.


What can you do?

Judicious use of drip irrigation, and well-timed watering during early morning hours can help reduce rapid evaporation. We have just about run out of time for any heavy, shaping pruning. Use a light hand when you are pruning any fruit trees. Research has shown that fruit trees can be pruned in the summer, right after harvest.

Rose bushes can also be pruned at this time. With the warm temperatures, the pruning wounds will heal very quickly.

Planting drought-tolerant plants in the landscape can help, as well as using native plants in your yard. These plants are also naturally resistant to native pests!

When it comes to Mother Nature there is little we can do but follow the lyrics, “ My eyes search the skies, desperately for rain”.

If you have any other questions regarding your home or garden, just give Killroy a call, or fill out our service request form.


Olive Tree Special - $10 off!

This is a fruit-elimination treatment that helps to greatly reduce the number of olives the tree produces.   A cleaner yard and walkways are the result! Call us to schedule an appointment!


Killroy Korner

Richard Schmidt, Vice President


As the 'originator' of the Killroy Kourier back in 1995, I have penned numerous articles anonymously. I felt it was time to introduce myself to you, our valued customers.

I have been fortunate enough to be a member of the Killroy family for over 22 years, and through the passing of time, I have had the privilege of being part of something very special.

As many of you know, Killroy began 57 years ago from the inspiration, dedication, and perspiration of my in-laws Phil and Norma Olavarri. Under their direction, the company grew, guided by the principles so inherent of their generation - honesty, hard work, quality service at a fair price, and doing the best possible job, just because it's the right thing to do.

They also knew that the face of the company was reflected by each customer's personal technician, the person whom was entrusted with the privilege of servicing the customer's home, yard, and/or business. Throughout Killroy's history, these paradigms have been the roadmap for Killroy's growth and success. These same tenets were equally a part during Dennis Merrill's leadership, and continue to be guide posts for my wife, Lynn, and me.


There are new elements at play in the realm of a small business and customer service.  Through the advent of websites such as Yelp, Angie's List, and Google Plus, customers are given a format to express their approval or disapproval of their experience with a company. While this can be a very useful tool for companies to learn and grow from their mistakes and successes, it can also be an avenue for some people to anonymously "smear" a company from the privacy of their laptop.  I call it the Wild West!

We have experienced reviews of our service from people where we legitimately could have done a better job for them.  In the course of serving many customers, mistakes can happen.  We always take ownership, and look at the experience as an opportunity to learn from and improve our service to our customers.

Where it becomes frustrating is when someone does a "drive by review". We have had situations where we were reviewed by someone we had never even serviced! There was another case where a customer made a remark about an employee of ours whom has not worked for the company for more than eight years. The process to address these reviews can be cumbersome and time consuming. False or malicious reviews can cost a small company a lot of potential business. Usually the only way to get past them is to have more positive reviews posted. This is where we ask our loyal customer base to help us out if they feel they have received a high quality of service from us, and to please take the time and post your honest review on the website of your choosing.

At the same time, if we have failed to reach your expectations, let us know what we can do to improve in a constructive way. Without you, our satisfied customer, we have very little. Killroy appreciates each and every one of you, and it is a privilege to serve you.

Specialty Tree Services


Killroy is a full-service company, so we offer many special services other companies cannot provide. This includes agricultural and tree services using ArborJet™ Tree injection.

For the next few months, watch for the bud break of your trees. Right now, flowering plum, tulip, and magnolia trees, followed by olive trees in April-March then your oak trees in late April-May.

Our services provide fruit elimination and prevent those messy clean-ups. This is subject to change as we experience this unusually warm weather pattern -- some blooming may be ahead of schedule. When in doubt, we can advise you. Please give us a call!

What Happens When I Refer Someone to Killroy?

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Due to the tremendous response to our referral program outlined in our last edition of the Killroy Kourier, we want to continue to share it in this edition as well! If you refer a friend, family member, or even a stranger for Killroy services - and they become a new customer - we will show our appreciation in the form of a $25.00 gift card. It is our way of saying "Thank You" for showing your trust and faith in Killroy. Please be sure to tell your referral to let Killroy know where they heard about us, and the two of you can share a cup of coffee, on us!