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Cody Schmidt - Assistant Operations Manager of our Tracy Branch.
Technician in the Spotlight

Cody Schmidt

After being around Killroy growing up, it was a natural transition for Cody to become an "official" part of Killroy.

Starting as a route technician, Cody has since moved into the role of Assistant Operations Manager of our Tracy Branch.

It is his job to assist our Tracy General Manager, Tom Votta, with compliance issues, customer inquiries; and to help the Tracy route pest management professionals with difficult jobs and routing. In addition, he prepares the Pesticide Use Reports for the eight (8) counties Killroy serves, as well as the School Pesticide Use Reports for the Department of Pesticide Regulation.

In his spare time he enjoys co-coaching his son's (Blaze) soccer team and spending time with the rest of the family — wife Kendra and daughter Harley. He also enjoys working on his home and garden.

Killroy offers all these services:

  • Termite Services
  • Tree Straying/Injection
  • Beneficial Insect Releases
  • Tunnel Topper (ask us!)
  • Rodent Control
  • Ground Squirrel Control
  • Dormant Spraying
  • Gopher & Mole Control
  • Fertilization & Root Feeding
  • Wild Animal Trapping
  • Weed Control
  • And more!


Fun Pest Facts

  • Fruit Flies were the first living creatures to be sent into space.
  • Dragonflies have been on the earth for 300 million years.
  • One dung beetle can drag 1,141 times its weight-that’s like a human pulling six double-decker buses!
  • Large groups of fireflies sometimes flash in unison.
  • To breath under water, scorpions use a snorkel like tube on their abdomen.
  • Mosquitos are attracted to smelly feet.
  • Some stoneflies do push-ups to attract a mate. I guess they use the Charles Atlas school of wooing?
  • Grasshoppers have special organs in their hind legs that store energy for jumping.
  • The red postman butterfly develops its own poison by eating toxic plants.
  • A sea skater’s leg hairs traps air, enabling it to float on water.
  • Male giraffe weevils use their long necks to fight each other.
  • Bulldog ants can leap seven times the length of their bodies.

Killroy Kourier

Community Newsletter - Summer 2018

"Killroy Gets a Facelift"

Killroy Pest Control office and staff new look

See a larger picture of our new office front!

Even though Killroy has been in business for more than 62 years, it has been at its current location, 1175 Dell Avenue, Campbell CA for 56 years! Over that time, our location has received a bit of repainting and some maintenance upgrades.
It was time for some major changes.

As we have continued to grow, we have outgrown our facility. We had to add some much needed parking for our fleet and employees as well as a new shop for maintenance of our service vehicles and equipment. We had the opportunity to expand into a neighboring piece of property, and we took the leap.

This past year our President, Lynn Olavarri, wanted to give the current structure a new look as well. As is Lynn's management style, she reached out to the employees and the management team for ideas and suggestions. We are very happy with the results and feel it has given a little lift to everyone here at Killroy as the "new look" has instilled a bit more pride in all of us.

We hosted an Open House here on June 7, 2018 from 5:30-7:00 pm. We had some fun insect displays, games, drawings for prizes and refreshments as well. We appreciated everyone who came out to celebrate with us!

Spring Is In The Air

Hurray! It's spring ... I think. The time has come for all of those things we enjoy doing — gardening, barbecuing, spring cleaning ... SPRING CLEANING?!

That's right. In addition to your service with Killroy, keeping your home clean is one of the best methods of keeping pests out of your home or business properties. Like unwanted houseguests, household pests will be more likely to go elsewhere if you deprive them of easy access to food and shelter.

Eliminating potential pest problems might mean a more extensive cleaning than you would probably do when you are expecting company. Thorough vacuuming is especially important. You need to vacuum not only the places that can be seen, but also the places that you cannot, such as cracks and crevices and the backs and undersides of furniture.

When vacuuming for pests, it is necessary to empty and remove the bag from your home as well. Don't let them sit in the vacuum, in the closet.

Eliminating entry points around your home can also go a long way in preventing pest invasions. This may require removing tree and shrubbery limbs that may be touching the house, replacing damaged window & door screens, broken foundation vents and not letting wood siding come in contact with ground mulch or soil. Caulking cracks and crevices where pests can enter, live, and multiply, also works well. Be sure to seal around door jambs and pipes that lead indoors.

Wiping jars and bottles of food residue and emptying the garbage daily also reduces the attraction of a food supply to invading ants and other pests. In general, try to store all food in air-tight metal, glass, or thick plastic containers. This includes any pet food as well.

These additional efforts on your part as a supplement to Killroy's wide array of pest control services, will help to ensure that your home is as pest-free as possible.

Lastly, spring and summer can lead to travel. Be alert to the threat of bed bugs! This is not a sanitation issue, and travelers can pick them up in the finest of hotels, as well as during air travel, metro travel, and in rental cars. Be sure to ask the front desk of your hotel if they have had any bed bug issues. Leave your luggage in the hall or the entry-way, and inspect your room.

Take a piece of paper and run it along the headboard, pull back the sheets as well. You are looking for either live bed bugs, which are about the size of an adult lady bug, but flat and reddish brown in color, or their frass (waste) which looks like dried blood. You can also use the room hair dryer and run it around the base board by the bed. The heat will help to "flush" them out. When returning home, place your luggage in a black garbage bag and leave it in the trunk. Bed bugs will have a lethal exposure at 117-122 degrees.

While the chances of bringing back bed bugs is small, it is still a very real possibility. Better safe than sorry as the saying goes. If it happens, give Killroy a call! We have the expertise to take care of them for you. We are just a phone call away for all of your questions.

Open House!

Open House graphic

We recently expanded and remodeled our offices at our Campbell facility. To celebrate and to thank you — our customers — we threw an Open House on June 7, 2018, our first ever in Killroy history!

We featured Live Bugs! Roach Races! Fun Activities and Door Prizes! Meeting our amazing staff! Company memorabilia! And much more!

We appreciate everyone who came out to celebrate with us!!!

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