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Oak Tree Pest Control with Killroy Pest Control

Oak Tree Services

Professional oak tree care can be important when dealing with such large and old members of your garden or landscaping. Making mistakes can have long-lasting implications. Oak trees grow well in natural changing seasons, well-drained soil, and with plenty of time and space for full sun. As long as there is ample rain in the winters, your oak tree should have no problem staying well-watered.

Oak Tree Pest Specialists

The oak tree specialists at Killroy Pest Control are trained to make sure that no pests damage your oak trees. We use several methods of controlling pests and insects in your oak trees that will maintain your tree’s health for years to come. A free inspection will help us define the issue that your oaks may be having and then we put together a customized plan to ensure that your oak trees stay lush and happy.
  • Trunk Injection
  • oak tree trunk injection
  • oak tree injection
Oak Tree Services depends on your tree's needs. If you know that your tree has had issues previously with damaging caterpillars or other plant-feeding insects, you might want to request an oak tree trunk injection service for your trees. Trunk injection service is applied in January/February before the spring-time sun begins to warm the trees. Trunk Injection sounds invasive but it is a common and safe way to ensure your tree’s health.

Oak Tree Spraying

Spring is an optimal time for your annual oak tree treatment. During spring a variety of "worms" (moth larvae) that chew leaves and cause a mess on decks and patios can infest your trees. While oaks are rarely severely damaged, the cosmetic damage can last for months in years of heavy infestation. Additionally, Killroy Pest Control can also spray to reduce the acorn population on oak trees. Watch the tree in March – April to see when the tiny acorn buds form (See photo). Buds form quickly and there is only a 1-2 week window when spraying will be effective, so work with your Killroy Pest Control technician to get the timing right. Oak Tree Pests

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Is Something Eating Your Oak Tree?

When you see caterpillars from the Oakworm or the Tussock moth appearing in your trees, call us to treat for damaging insects. You will most likely see them in March and April. Occasionally a second occurrence of caterpillars is possible during the month of August.