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Union City Cockroach Control by Killroy Pest Control

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If you’ve ever had the misfortune of walking into a room and being unpleasantly surprised at the sight of a cockroach, you probably experienced an immediate sense of dread. These are not attractive creatures to encounter, nor are they an insect that you want to allow to take over your home or business. At the first sign of detection, you’ll want to call Killroy Pest Control to come in and do a thorough inspection of the property.

Cockroaches are unsanitary and can pose several different types of health threats if left untreated. They may seem fairly harmless since they aren’t stingers, rarely ever bite and don’t cause significant structural damage, however, they do carry bacteria and transfer diseases from person to person. They also leave debris behind whenever they die off, shed skin or drop feces, which can cause children and sensitive adults to have regular asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

When it comes to a cockroach infestation, you don’t want to leave their extermination to chance, which is what you’ll be doing if you decide to go the DIY route with applying an over-the-counter pesticide. These methods almost always prove to be ineffective at capturing and completely disposing of large problems as opposed to the professional solutions that Killroy employs. With advanced equipment and materials, the experts are able to reach places you didn’t even know existed.

Knowing the dangers that cockroaches can bring into homes, businesses and schools, you wouldn’t want to rely on just any pest management company to take care of a newly discovered infestation. Started in 1956, Killroy Pest Control has more than five decades of experience in the successful elimination of insects and rodents. As a family-owned operation, they go above and beyond to show how dedicated they are to each of their clients in helping them achieve a pest-free environment.

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