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Pantry Pest Control | Palo Alto | Killroy

Rodents may be cute to your kids, but you know what they can do. Destruction of your home, mites, fleas and other bacterium from the droppings they leave behind are all taking over your space. You need them gone and don’t need a family member ill because of their presence. Get rid of them today and reclaim your home. Call Killroy Pest Control today! Stop waiting for help you need.

Pest control is a big issue today. More urban areas are growing, and you need to protect your pantry items and the health and well-being of your loved ones. You should call a pest control specialist today to make sure you are covered when it comes to critters that want to take hold of your home. This is an easy step to take rather than having to look back and wish you called a pest control outfit like Killroy before damage was done.

Eliminating pests from your business, home or school isn’t as simple as some think. You end up spending all of your time trying to fight them off. Why waste your time and stress yourself out? It isn’t worth it. At Killroy, the crew uses a special blend of products and techniques that can help you address your situation and prevent it from happening again. Because of their specialized approach, you won’t have to worry about messing with these pests from one day to the next.

Why waste time trying to handle your pest problem on your own when you can get Killroy out to tackle the problem for you? The crew is dedicated to delivering outstanding results every step of the way. Professional, courteous and responsible are just a few of the words used to describe this family-owned team of professionals. Make the call to Killroy Pest Control today and let them get to work on your pest problem right away.

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We can solve your Palo Alto pantry pest problems!

How do you solve my pantry pest problem?

We use a 4-step process:
Inspection: It is important to identify the particular pantry pest that is plaguing you. It is critical to first locate the source. Knowing the source and the characteristic of the invading pest will help determine how to eliminate them.
Modify environment conditions: The original contaminating source must be removed. Attempting to exterminate the pests will be difficult if the source is not eliminated.
Establish and implement a plan: Your Killroy pest management professional will consider the most effective and least toxic approach to get rid of your pantry pest problem. He will explain his plan which may require customer/tenant participation and answer any questions you may have. He will then carefully treat the situation.
Monitor the process: It is important to monitor the situation until it is resolved. If there is any sign of returning pests, your specialist will return at no additional charge to make the appropriate adjustments to ensure the problem gets taken care of completely.