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Bed Bug Control - Killroy Pest Control

Has your room been invaded by bedbugs?

bed bug pest control

Do you think you may have bed bugs in your home? Have you been noticing bites on your skin, or finding yourself itching when you wake up in the morning? Do you notice blood spots on your sheets? Have you actually seen small, red to brownish, flat insects on your bed or anywhere in your home? These can be telltale signs of a bed bug infestation. Killroy can solve your bed bug problems.

Bed bugs were thought to be a pest of the past, but in recent years they have begun to reappear in homes. Bug bugs are no longer found just in beds. They can be found throughout the home, as well as in apartments, hotels, theaters, stores, healthcare facilities, garage sales, offices and rental companies etc.

Unlike cockroaches, bed bugs are not a condition of poor sanitation. They can be found in the most pristine environments.

The sooner you act to eliminate bed bugs, the better. Solving a bed bug infestation becomes more complicated with time. Bed bugs can spread to other rooms of your home and even to your car. The more they multiply and spread, the more difficult they are to eliminate.

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Professional Bedbug Inspection, Treatment, and Prevention!

Killroy can help to solve your bed bug problem.
We use a 4-step process to thoroughly control bed bugs.

bed bugs pests crawling on bed

Inspect the property: It is crucial to confirm that bed bugs are actually the problem. Similar signs and symptoms can be triggered by other insects or allergic reactions. Your Killroy pest management professional is experienced in making a positive identification of a bed bug infestation.

Modify the environment: Your pest management professional will make recommendations such as: bed bug proof mattress systems, avoidance of moving from room to room for sleeping purposes (which can spread the problem), contacting property managers regarding the treatment of adjoining housing units (if applicable), to name a few.

Establish and implement a plan: After a positive identification has been made regarding bed bugs, your pest management professional will explain the process necessary for the proper preparation of your property for a successful treatment. They will also inform you of the procedural options available to address your specific bed bug problem. Customer cooperation is paramount.

Monitor the process: It is important to monitor your property after the treatment. Part of your pest management professional's plan is to install an "active" monitor to verify the results when the treatment has been completed.