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 Drywood TermitesTermite Damage Control

Treating for termites in Northern California requires a thorough knowledge of the biology and habits of the species of termite involved. Drywood Termites (Kalotermes spp.) are the most common in many areas. Practically all fenceposts, old woodpiles, and most homes eventually become infested with this pest. Signs of a termite infestation include visible wood damage, piles of wood pellets or "frass," swarming termites (usually occurring in spring and fall), and piles of discarded wings. A good termite inspection by a licensed Killroy Pest Control Termite Inspector will reveal the extent of termite infestation, and dictate the most appropriate termite treatment strategy.

Drywood Termite Treatments

Fumigation (tenting) of the entire structure using Vikane® gas fumigant is often the surest and most efficient termite control method to eliminate all the colonies of Drywood Termites which may be active in the structure. All termite fumigations within our area are checked on personally by our termite manager to assure the highest quality of service to our valued customers.

For locally treating exposed structural members and visible termite colonies, we recommend Premise Foam® due to its low odor and unique "domino" effect, using exposed termites to kill others they meet in the colony. However, local or "spot" treatments will not replace fumigation as a complete whole structure treatment for drywood termites. You can trust Killroy to keep up on proven techniques and chemistry to better serve our termite control customer's needs!

Note: For detailed information about Vikane whole-structure fumigant visit Dow AgroSciences. For information about Premise Foam visit Bayer Environmental Science.

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To request our termite control services or get more details about termite inspections and termite treatments, please fill-out the form on our pest control service request page and we will contact you ASAP to discuss your pest problem and schedule service. Or you can call us (toll free) at 1-888-KILLROY (1-888-545-5769), or (408) 378-0441 from the San Jose area.

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