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Killroy can solve your wood-destroying beetle problem.

Several species of wood-destroying beetles occur in our area. These include true powderpost beetles, (Lictus spp.), false powderpost beetles, (family Bostrichidae), deathwatch or furniture beetles (Aniobiidae), and flatheaded and roundheaded borers. A good inspection by a Killroy pest management professional will reveal the extent of beetle infestation and dictate the most appropriate treatment strategy.

Wooden items that can be effected by powderpost beetles include wooden tool handles, frames, furniture, books, toys, flooring, and structural timbers. The term "powderpost" comes from the fact that the larvae of these beetles feed on wood, and with enough time can reduce it to powder. This makes them a pest that must be controlled.

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We can solve your wood-destroying beetle problems!

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Killroy will control beetle populations in your home and office.

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