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rats and mice

If you notice evidence of rats or mice in your home, call Killroy Pest Control to eliminate these rodents immediately, before the problem multiplies.

Rats and Mice are common home-invading rodents in the Santa Cruz area. Rats are great climbers, and they seek nesting places by scurrying up trees, poles, wires, rain gutters, or the side of your house. They often live in your attic or in the sub area of your home.

These rodents can be a health hazard. They can carry harmful diseases and parasites and can contaminate your food. They can also cause structural damage, especially to your electrical wiring due to their constant gnawing.

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More Information on Rats and Mice

Killroy Pest Control technicians have a lot of experience eliminating rats and mice from residential and business properties. We also offer services that can prevent rats and mice from invading your property. But if you see rats and mice, or see evidence they leave behind, professional trapping and exclusion are great first steps to eliminate them. Please don't be tempted to use "De-con", as this can lead to dead animal odors and flies; and there is no easy way to find and dispose of the dead animals.

Homeowners who maintain proper sanitation and keep a tidy yard may reduce the chances of rodent infestation. It is important, for example, not to leave pet food outside overnight. This easy food source can attract these unwanted critters. Also, proper pruning of trees and shrubs can help keep rats and mice from finding easy access to your home.

Successful rodent control begins with a thorough property inspection. Killroy professionals will look for pest nesting areas, entry points, food sources, and more. Then your Killroy pest management professional will recommend the most effective solutions, treatments, and long-term control strategies.