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Gophers, Moles & Voles | San Jose | Killroy

Does it seem like the vegetation in your yard is suddenly dying off? Are there large holes appearing around your property? If so, you might have a bunch of pesky gophers or moles that are burrowing deep in your yard and creating tunnels beneath the surface. Take a minute to do something about it by making a call to a pest control specialist like Killroy today.

Anyone who has a bunch of underground lines around their property understands how important it is to make sure those lines are in good working order at all times. However, individuals who have a problem with moles and gophers end up finding themselves with a rather extensive repair bill from the damage these pests caused. Don’t wait; get on the phone right away to prevent any problems from spiraling out of control.

While most extermination companies come in and get rid of your gopher and mole problem for the here and now, they don’t think about what might happen five or 10 years in the future. Sadly, many individuals end up dealing with infestations later on down the road and get stuck in the same situation as before. With Killroy working on your side, that isn’t the case. The crew uses their extensive expertise and knowledge to make sure the critters don’t come back. Thanks to a specialized approach and proper care and precaution, you can rest easy knowing you are set for quite some time.

Have you gotten rid of your mole or gopher problem yet? If you have not dealt with Killroy in the past, you need to now as they are always here for your pest needs. They want to make sure after their treatment is done you aren’t dealing with problems pertaining to these pests at 5 to 10 years down the line. They stand by their extensive expertise and knowledge to make sure these critters do not come back to pester you, your family or your property. It is a great feeling knowing you are set for pest control for quite a while. Call Killroy today.

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