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Wild Animal Removal in San Jose

Wild Animal Pest Control in San Jose, CA

For over 50 years, Killroy Pest Control has been happily getting rid of furry pests. Critters can show up anywhere--even in the cleanest of properties--and they leave telltale sights, sounds, and smells everywhere they go. So if you’ve had to face the unwelcome realization that you’re sharing your home, school, or business with uninvited wild animals, you need pest control professionals you can count on. With us, the nibbling, creepy, smelly, burrowing pests will go away and stay away.

Furry pests don’t just stink and leave messes--they also create serious damage to structures, lawns, and gardens. Rodents multiply at alarming rates too. If you’ve seen one, there are likely more on the way or they’re already lurking in the nooks and crannies of your property. Then there’s the unsanitary problems they cause--they chew on your food and carry disease, fleas, and parasites. If you’re not already horrified by the destruction they leave in their wake, you’ll be even more appalled at their disease-carrying tendencies.

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Our wild animal specialists stay at the top of the industry by staying on par with the latest techniques and technologies. We also take solutions a step further by offering a Sensitive Solutions line of services. We take our commitment to you and the environment seriously. Regardless of the animal, we know how to tailor the program to fit your needs. Don’t wait until it gets out of hand; let us help you implement preventive solutions. Or sign up for one of our regular service programs.

Wild Animal Pest Removal

When you’re dealing with pests, it’s great to know that help is just a phone call away. We’ve been offering our services to homes, schools, and businesses since 1956. That’s over a half-century of dedicated service to our community. You can’t go wrong with our local, family-owned wild animal pest control service. We’ve rarely met a rodent problem we couldn’t treat. So if those skittering, burrowing critters are driving you crazy, let us help. We’ll take your rodent problem to task.

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