Happy Holidays!
from Killroy Pest Control

beach boys album

Killroy Pest Control is my family and my vocation, but my first passion in life has always been music. I have been fortunate enough to participate in many different music ensembles and formats my entire life traveling the entire U.S. and British Columbia – either as an occupation or as a past-time. Almost nine years ago, a close musician friend, Mike Amaral, and I started talking about the contagious, timeless nature of the Beach Boys sound and the positive memories they invoke … and lo and behold, before another year passed, I was a founding member of Mike Amaral's California Beach Boys.

The Beach Boys created a unique style of music infusing the complex vocal stylings of the Four Freshmen, along with the driving guitar sound of Chuck Berry. It is a timeless sound, an American treasure. Whenever we play for an audience, the people are on their feet dancing before the second song. And, the crowd is of all types and all age groups.You see grandparents, parents, and grandchildren all singing the words and sharing something very special.

Last year, the band decided to create a Holiday CD – including the beloved Beach Boys Holiday songs, as well as some we have created and arranged on our own, capturing the classic Beach Boys sound.

Killroy Pest Control would like to share this merry selection of holiday favorites with our loyal customers, so please enjoy our gift to you.

Happy Holidays,
Richard Schmidt
Owner, Killroy Pest Control


You may listen to and download the music here: