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Killroy Garden, Lawn, Tree, and Yard Pest Control

Tree owners: Please watch the video on our effective procedure for protecting your investment from a wide variety of pests and diseases.

Winter Weed Control Program (November - February)

Weed Control

Many customers have us apply Pre-emergent Herbicides annually in winter to prevent a wide spectrum of annual weeds from becoming a fire hazard in the late spring. Gravel areas, fence lines, driveways, propane tanks, and industrial areas where weeds must be controlled are all good areas to treat. Steep slopes should be evaluated for potential erosion issues before being sprayed. Other treatment options exist for chemically mowing these areas in the spring. While not all weeds are controlled, the need for hand weeding and mechanical control can be greatly reduced.

Dormant Spraying

Many fruit trees and woody ornamentals benefit from winter applications of Copper fungicides and Dormant Oil sprays. Diseases such as Peach Leaf Curl and Shothole Fungus can only be controlled with dormant applications. For many years, Killroy has included this service with most of our residential accounts. Some customers call us specifically for this service annually, as they have a large number of trees on their property.  Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and a quote for fruit tree dormant spraying.

Olive Tree Fruit Elimination

Spray Olive Trees

With the re-registration of Maintain CF125® plant growth regulator, we have a reliable solution for olive fruit prevention. Trees can be sprayed from late January to early April before any flower bud formation on the olive tree. The chemical causes any flowers which form in April and May to wither and fall off without setting fruit. This effectively prevents the messy problem caused by unwanted olives in late fall and into the following year, usually with 90% fruit elimination or better! The spray only works for a single season, and must be done every year. Trees under stress, radically pruned, or with sensitive plants under them may require special precautions.  Covering plants during application or hosing off the plants beneath the tree before and after the spraying will help protect them, and our service technicians will provide this service to avoid any damage to other plants. The price for the Maintain application depends on size of the tree and gallons used.  We do offer discounts for multiple trees, neighborhoods, and communities. 

Oak Tree SprayingOak Tree Spraying

Many customers have selected Oak Trees to be treated annually in the Spring to control a variety of "worms" (moth larvae) which chew leaves and cause a mess on decks and patios. While oaks are rarely severely damaged, the cosmetic damage can last for months in years of heavy infestation. 

Additionally, Killroy can also spray to reduce the acorn population on oak trees. Watch the tree in March – April to see when the tiny acorn buds form (See photo). Buds form quickly and there is only a 1-2 week window when spraying will be effective, so work with your Killroy Pest Control technician to get the timing right.

Liquid Amber Tree SprayingLiquidambar tree spray

Liquid Amber trees, although beautiful in the fall with their colorful foliage, can be a terrible nuisance due to the spiked balls that form and drop on the ground. These spiky balls can be painful when stepped on and make a mess on sidewalks in and neighborhoods. During the Spring, Killroy can provide tree spraying service to reduce the spiked balls/fruit. Like the oak trees, timing is very sensitive. Watch the trees in the early Spring (March - April) to see when the buds and tassels form. They form quickly, and there is a two week window when spraying will be effective. Using Florel®, Killroy can get up to a 75% reduction in the prickly balls. Again, call Killroy and work with your pest control technician for effective tree spraying service!

Other Seasonal Pest Control Services

Also ask about other seasonal pest control services include additional tree spraying (including ash, sycamores, tulip trees, and others), tree feeding, disease control, and more.

Request Seasonal Pest Control Service

To request any of our seasonal services please fill-out the form on our pest control service request page and we will contact you ASAP to discuss your pest problem and schedule service. Or you can call us at 888-545-5769.

Lawn & Garden Service: Grubs in your lawn

Get rid of grubs (beetles) that can infest your lawn.

In mid-April to May larger grubs will return to the surface in the spring as temperatures warm up. Their damage will be easiest to see now because their appetites are in full swing. The grass blades above ground will probably begin to die and the ground above them may feel soft or spongy.

In June and July spray the ornamental plants the beetles are feeding on or the lawn to kill the adult beetles that are depositing eggs (which will become grubs).

In July and by mid-August most of the eggs are laid that will hatch in one to two weeks. These grubs will dig to the surface and feed on roots, soil particles, and organic material. This is the best time to apply a treatment to your lawn. It will result in the best control, and the residual will kill new grub populations as they come to the soil surface.

This is also the time to apply beneficial nematodes for ongoing proactive prevention that will work on fleas and ants, too.

In September and October the grubs will be hardier and more difficult to control. It will be necessary to run your sprinkler for at least 60 minutes over the treated areas. Then it will take 10-14 days for these grubs to die.

During the winter months October through mid-April nothing preventative can be done to control the grubs as they have burrowed down deep and are dormant during colder weather.

We will determine the best course of action and the best treatments to use depending on the time of year you contact us.

Lawn & Garden Service: Moisture Manager™ Water Saver

How would you like reduce your water use in your lawn by 25%? Killroy Pest Control is now offering Moisture Manager™ Water Saver service, which treats compacted soils to improve water penetration and reduce water waste. The product is organic and fully biodegradable, containing no phosphates, petrochemical derivatives or other toxic fractions, which may cause ground water runoff contamination. This service is perfect for Bay Area pest control customers, especially during drought years and times of mandatory water rationing. An average size lawn of 2500 square feet will take only 10 minutes to treat at a very affordable prices, with discounts available for existing customers who want to add service to their regular service plan.

Benefits of Lawn Service:

~ Saves Water! Reduces watering frequency & saves an ave. of 25% on your water bill.
~ Reduces dry spots on your lawn.
~ Defends your lawn from drought related stress & diseases.

Hydretain Lawn Service