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Pest Control in Silver Creek Valley

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Looking for pest control in Silver Creek Valley? Then you've come to the right company. We've been helping people in the South San Jose area with pest control services since 1956!

Our preventative inspection and extermination helps even the most severe of infestations. Roaches are extremely difficult to get rid of, but not for our professionals at Killroy Pest Control. Give us a call and we will come out and eliminate the roach problem completely.

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No Matter What Kind of Pest You're Dealing With

Your pest problems can be resolved quickly by our highly trained pest management professionals. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff is waiting to solve whatever is "bugging" you.

Killroy Pest Control has successfully eliminated similar irritating problems for homes, schools, and businesses in Silver Creek Valley.

Call now for more information, or to schedule a Killroy licensed pest management inspector to prevent or solve your pest problem right away.