From Termite Inspection to Follow-Up, Your Guide to Hayward Termite Control

When was the last time you had a termite inspection? Termite prevention and control is imperative for Hayward homeowners that value their investment and don't wish to risk the thousands of dollars termite damage typically causes in repairs when left unmanaged. To properly protect your home and deal with an infestation of the wood-eating pests there are a few steps involved that must be completed to ensure total termite elimination.

Termite Inspection

Termite control begins with taking preventative measures and having inspections of your home done periodically. However, termites are masters at hiding themselves and the damage they've caused, which means that even if you've had your home carefully examined in the past, there is a chance that you could suddenly find evidence of an active colony. In this case, it's crucial to call for a professional termite inspection right away so that you may get the appropriate treatment plan started in order to save your home and your wallet.


Once a termite inspection has been performed, your inspector should be able to identify the type of termites plaguing your home as well as the areas of concern, entry points and the extent of damage that has been done. It's important to know which kind of termite you're dealing with (subterranean, Formosan, dampwood or drywood) since they typically require different treatment methods. Determining their points of access will allow those areas to be addressed and closed off during the termite control process.

Going Over Treatment Options and Developing a Plan

Your inspector can put together a few suitable treatment options after a thorough termite inspection is completed and all factors identified. During this step, you will be able to discuss the pros and cons of each technique and have all your questions answered regarding what to expect. After agreeing to a treatment, your inspector will develop a plan to provide you with the most effective way to comprehensively eliminate your termite problem in the fastest possible manner.

Applying Treatment

After selecting the method to be used, your technician will apply the treatment inside and outside your home, making sure to target all areas of concern and possible entry points that were found. Techniques for administering treatment will vary, but when handled by a professional, application is sure to be done with an experienced hand and the proper equipment. If it's necessary for your home to be tented, there will be further instructions provided to you on preparation before, during and after this process.

To finish executing your termite control program, you will want to have a follow-up visit to determine the success of the treatment and continue on with regularly scheduled termite inspections to prevent future infestations of your Hayward home.

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