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Killroy Tree Care Service

tree service

Killroy has the tools and the experience to keep all your trees healthy and hassle free throughout the year!

Get help with:

  • Fruit reduction treatments for Olive and Liquid Amber Trees to discourage messy fruit from dropping
  • Keeping your oak trees healthy with treatments to combat diseases and insects
  • Keeping your fruit trees and woody ornamental trees healthy with preventative treatments to head off common fruit tree afflictions like peach leaf curl and shothole fungus

Timing is everything! click chart for larger PDF version

tree care chart

Note: Oak Tree Services depend on your tree's needs. If you know that your tree has had issues previously with damaging caterpillars or other plant-feeding insects, you might want to request a trunk injection service for your trees. Trunk injection service is applied in January/February, before the spring-time sun begins to warm the trees.

When you see caterpillars from the Oak Worm or the Tussock moth appearing in your trees, call us to treat for damaging insects. You will most likely see them in March and April. Occasionally a second occurrence of caterpillars is possible during the month of August.

Killroy is here to help with all your Tree Service needs:

Call 888-545-5769 today for helpful advice and to schedule treatment.