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Wild Animal Pest Control\Removal | Livermore | Killroy A pest problem is not something you want to take lightly, particularly if you’re already seeing the signs of it. When you start encountering mouse droppings and unsightly hills and tunnels in your landscaping, it’s time to call a wild animal pest control service. That’s because these animals are wild and they don’t belong on your property. At Killroy Pest Control, we take your situation seriously and create a comprehensive plan to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Wild animals create an array of problems--from destroying your beautiful landscape or garden to causing fire hazards and disease. With their constant scratching, gnawing, and skittering, mice and rats can create uneasy, frightening environments. Worse, they breed large populations in a very short time. Ground squirrels, gophers, and moles may not seem as scary and unsanitary, but they still cause considerable destruction. Damage to structures and grounds by any of these furry creatures can get costly. Killroy offers time-tested solutions that eradicate pest populations. But we don’t only get rid of pests--we also prevent them from coming back. That’s why we offer follow-up and preventative service programs for customers who need long-term solutions. Our line of products is developed from the most up-to-date technologies and techniques. For the eco-conscious, we also offer green alternatives to traditional methods. With Killroy, you can trust that the job will be done right and will have long-lasting results. When you get Killroy Pest Control on your side, wild animal pest control becomes easy. Since 1956, we’ve been developing a wealth of experience in this field. Even better, our commitment to quality service is backed by a 60-day guarantee. That’s how seriously we take your pest problem. We are a family-owned business that’s been dedicated to helping many homes, schools, and businesses become pest-free. When wild animals are running wild, you can count on Killroy.

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How do you solve my pantry pest problem?

We use a 4-step process to thoroughly control cockroaches.
Inspection: It is important to identify the particular pantry pest that is plaguing you. It is critical to first locate the source. Knowing the source and the characteristic of the invading pest will help determine how to eliminate them.
Modify environment conditions: The original contaminating source must be removed. Attempting to exterminate the pests will be difficult if the source is not eliminated.
Establish and implement a plan: Your Killroy pest management professional will consider the most effective and least toxic approach to get rid of your pantry pest problem. He will explain his plan which may require customer/tenant participation and answer any questions you may have. He will then carefully treat the situation.
Monitor the process: It is important to monitor the situation until it is resolved. If there is any sign of returning pests, your specialist will return at no additional charge to make the appropriate adjustments to ensure the problem gets taken care of completely.