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Wild Animal Mangement | Ripon | Killroy Killroy Pest Control has been getting rid of pest populations for a long time. If you’ve spotted mouse or rat droppings, you may have an entire clan of furry rodents on your premises. If you’ve encountered soft, hollow trails in your lawn or garden, you may have gophers or moles burrowing underground. Killroy handles these furry pests, as well as skunks and ground squirrels. You don’t want to ignore the signs of wild pests because they can quickly get out of control. You need wild animal pest control. Mice and rats can enter buildings through tiny holes. If these access points are left open, they will continue to come back year after year. Rodents love ready access to food sources and shelter. And when there are rodents on the premises, they can draw skunks too. Furry pests can cause considerable damage to wood structures, plants, and trees. And since they often chew on wires, they can start fires as well. They contaminate food, carry disease, and create unwelcome environments. With Killroy, you can trust that we have the right techniques and solutions to take care of your pest problem. We know how to remove wild animals safely, effectively, and legally and we offer maintenance programs to keep them away. If you choose, our Sensitive Solutions line of products ensures that you and the environment will be taken care of while we eliminate pests. When you take advantage of our full line of services, you will see long-lasting results. Our company has been providing wild animal pest control to homes, schools, and businesses since 1956. Now that’s a track record you can trust. With most of our services, we also offer a 60-day guarantee so you can have the peace of mind that your property is pest-free. With a total of 350 years of experience, our family of professionals takes your needs seriously. We take care of wild animals so you don’t have to.

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Ask us about Sensitive Solutions — a special division of Killroy Pest Control which offers non-chemical, natural, or green pest control options.

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How do you solve my pantry pest problem?

We use a 4-step process to thoroughly control cockroaches.
Inspection: It is important to identify the particular pantry pest that is plaguing you. It is critical to first locate the source. Knowing the source and the characteristic of the invading pest will help determine how to eliminate them.
Modify environment conditions: The original contaminating source must be removed. Attempting to exterminate the pests will be difficult if the source is not eliminated.
Establish and implement a plan: Your Killroy pest management professional will consider the most effective and least toxic approach to get rid of your pantry pest problem. He will explain his plan which may require customer/tenant participation and answer any questions you may have. He will then carefully treat the situation.
Monitor the process: It is important to monitor the situation until it is resolved. If there is any sign of returning pests, your specialist will return at no additional charge to make the appropriate adjustments to ensure the problem gets taken care of completely.